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When did you first get into photography?
My interest in photography started by accident. I ended up dropping a class in high school and needed to fill my schedule. I signed up for the photography class offered at my school and the rest is history. My dad gave me his old Pentax K1000, the camera which he used in art school, as my first camera. It's engraved with his name and everything. To this day is one of my prized possessions. 
How did you decide that you wanted to focus on beauty photography above all else?
I used to shoot fashion and hated shooting beauty. Through working as a retoucher, oddly enough, beauty was my favorite thing to retouch. Go figure. 
Anyways, fast forward a few years (and a few not-so-gentile nudges from makeup artist friends) I started to try my hand at shooting beauty and really loved it. I have no idea what the aversion was all those years ago. I find that the New York market is over-saturated with fashion photographers who "can also shoot beauty," and while they exist, there aren't really as many beauty specific photographers. It's nice to specialize and really be able to hone in on perfecting one area of your craft.
Where do you pull inspiration from?
Everywhere. I don't think anyone can say they pull inspiration from just one source. 
It could be a song, a movie, a color, another image, a conversation you overheard on the street. You never know what is going to set you off, but once it clicks, run with it!
If you weren't a photographer, what other career what you pursue?
Marine biologist or aquatic animal trainer. What can I say? It's the Florida girl in me.
Do you have a dream model that you'd love to shoot?
Well that's just a mean question; there are so many dream models I would kill to shoot! 
I would love to photograph Kelly Mittendorf. Her face is beyond amazing. And of course, Cara Delevingne. Those eyebrows are everything. I mean, c'mon.. They even have their own Twitter! 
What's the best thing about being a photographer in NYC?
You have access to incredible cultural experiences to draw inspiration from,
unbelievable resources in the creative teams that you can surround yourselves with,
and the crushing price of NYC rent to force you off your ass and into high gear to get yourself out there and creating. 
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