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Two of the best things in life are brunching and napping, undoubtedly. Combining the two in one day (preferably a Sunday) makes for the most perfect of days. The following list is by no means completely comprehensive. Rather, it contains just a sampling of a few places I've eaten at recently and would 10/10 recommend.  The nap thing you can figure out on your own ;)
Mémé Mediterranean
I recommend: Breakfast tacos or the brioche french toast. Lots of non-Mediterranean options are available.
I recommend: AVOCADO SMASH! Best one ever, in my opinion. Treat yourself and add some bacon, too. 
I recommend: Nutella french toast! But you can't go wrong with any of the pancakes on the menu. Get it all 'round the clock.
I recommend: Red velvet waffles. They have cream cheese icing and they are so pretty (super Instagram-able)
Lil Frankies 
I recommend: 3 for 1 alcoholic beverages and classic spaghetti because why the hell not?! 
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