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This week's bad bitch is Ellis Clare, or as you may know her from Instagram, @edgyellis. According to her IG bio, she's the baddest gal in NYC. Hey, she might be. She blew up on Instagram and in the modeling world basically overnight. When I asked her how she developed her cult following so quickly, she responded, "I honestly have no idea." Maybe it's because her aesthetic practically screams it girl. 
Ellis only started modeling a year ago while she was on vacation with a photographer friend. Her first legitimate shoot was with online retailer Shop Jeen. Now, she names Shop Jeen as one of her favorite brands that she has worked with, saying that they feel like family to her. Her favorite photographers that she has worked with are her close friends as well. Her top three are Sam Eisenberg (@sameisenberg_), Sean O'Neill (@seanforceone), and Frankie Marin (@frankiemarin).
Recently, she's started getting recognized in person. She said, " It's so strange, the other day I was walking around SOHO with my friend and some girl went up to me and was like 'OMG are you edgyellis?'" She says everyone is super nice, and she makes sure to stay personable and interact with followers on Twitter - which she's addicted to. 
Ellis definitely has the bad bitch attitude down pat. She says that the key is confidence and claims," If you're confident mentally and physically, no one can touch you and you're automatically bad as fuck because no one can touch you." Her killer confidence advice is to chill out with obsessing over your own flaws, saying, " 90% of the time, everyone else isn't paying attention to your flaws because everyone is just too afraid of their own flaws being visible." 
As for what's next for Ellis, she's indecisive and driven. She's musical and has got a great voice, and may want to pursue that in the future, as well as continuing to work with cool photographers and artists. She refers to the future as "scary shit" - which it is. But we think she'll be just fine. Anything is possible. 

Images courtesy of Ellis' Instagram, @edgyellis

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